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Getting Online with an Effective Website

Your website is your calling card, your storefront, and, quite often, your first impression. When prospective customers search for your service or product on Google/Bing, does your company's site show up? It is critical that it does. Would you like your website to show up when people search services by location on a smart mobile device? Then it is critical that your site is geo-tagged to show up on Google Maps. Building an online presence is no simple task. It involves, pleasing visual aesthetic, standards compliant coding, search engine optimization, social marketing, and reliable web hosting just to name a few. DotStar Media is ready to be your guide along this journey. Building websites in Los Angeles and Burbank, We're local to Southern California and we're here to help.

Contact us today to consult on website design, development, and graphic design. DotStar Media, will build, host, and maintain your website. No headaches. No hassles. It will just work. We can even help you with logos and motion graphics to strengthen your brand. Give us a shout and let's get started.

Designing Your Website

The look and feel of your site is dictated by its graphic design. Your logo, site styling, and content layout should all work together to present your site users with an interface that is appealing and easy to use. A good web design will demonstrate your commitment to being reliable and professional. If you have a quality design potential clients will be more motivated to contact you. Potential customers will be more motivated to purchase your products online. If you have questions about this phase of getting your business online, please contact us; we are happy to help.

Standards Compliance

Designing your website is only the first step. Once your design is finalized, it needs to be coded into the site's actual building blocks like html pages, css code, and images. Also interactive features like contact forms need to be programmed and tested. If you are selling products online, you will need to select shopping cart software and set it up with a database, payment gateway, and an SSL certificate. Obviously this stage is very technical, so it is important you select a web developer that has an expert level skill. If your website's code is well formed and standards compliant, your site will gain better ranking in search engines. Conversely, mal-formed code can harm your search engine ranking. If you have questions about this phase of getting your business online, please give us a ring; We'll even evaluate your website for standards compliance violations at no charge.

Social Marketing

Can you use online social tools to increase the visibility of your website? Absolutely. You can create a blog and share informative articles that establish you as an expert in your field. You can use YouTube, Flikr, Twitter, etc. similarly. Millions of people flock to these sites every day, so if you provide interesting and/or informative material, your website will gain significant traffic. Sites like Digg and StumbleUpon are also very useful for furthering your site's exposure. If you have questions about social marketing, please call us today. We are happy to help in any way.